Send invoices in 30 seconds

Create invoices online with a few clicks and send them directly to your customers. Manage all your accounting documents digitally in one place.

All invoices in one place

Track the payment status of your invoices, send reminders and receive notifications when clients exceed payment deadlines.

Quick Settlement

Get your money in your bank account when you want - instantly* or next business day

Invoicing app on iOS and Android

  • Create invoices on the go
  • Get paid faster
  • Run your business from anywhere

All The Customization You Need

i-Pay for business app brings all the customizable options of your invoice & quote generator to your phone or tablet.

  • Taxes? We've got that covered
  • Easy Invoice Tracking? Check.
  • Itemization? Absolutely.
  • Discounts? Yep.
free invoice generator

Automatic Payment Reminders

Save time when you send automatic payment reminders from your i-Pay account. Whenever a payment is due, your customers will get an email reminder

invoice generator free

Here's what you can do with
our FREE Invoice Generator:

Here's what you can do with our FREE Invoice Generator:

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An app for how you do business

The i-Pay for Business app is a simple, more secure way to accept payments, share offers, track sales, and more – without any extra fees.*
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*i-Pay is offering a promotional rebate on transaction charges. This is subject to change in the future.


APIs for any platform

Simplify checkout and connect with customers wherever they are with the i-Pay API's for Australia.