We can deliver ASAP or at a specified time (up to 50km) Food, drinks, documents, any product up to 5kg.


Starting from $9.60 for local deliveries Additional $3.00 per km.


Selling online? Place orders via API Contact us to get the guidelines for integration.

i-Pay is Revolutionising Urgent Deliveries

DART is a reliable express delivery partner for online stores and restaurants. Our most popular services are urgent deliveries of food, drinks documents, online shopping, food, flowers, gifts and heavy goods up to 5 kilograms.

You can book a courier on our app within one minute and arrange your delivery without any unnecessary paperwork and without making calls 24/7.

Moreover, we give the opportunity for self-employed freelancers to make extra money in their spare time. We are making a city a better place to live and support people who live in it. Students who are willing to make earnings without giving up their main job or studies. This is also a perfect job for people who enjoy cycling and want to keep fit as the majority of our couriers are walking or cycling. Our service is helping to reduce traffic jams and improve the environment.

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Why choose i-Pay (DART Service)?

Download the app and all couriers will be at your hand

Order a delivery with just a few clicks and track your order all its way.

For Customers

For Businesses
courier service near me

We offer delivery solutions to varied sectors


food delivery service


DART is one of the leading food aggregators and delivering from the finest restaurants across the country.

grocery delivery service


Our Grocery Store Clients can now choose from our on-demand as well as scheduled-delivery frameworks to manage their dynamic demand patterns.

retail delivery service


Our services range from quick logistics to reverse pickup and first mile. We ensure our eCommerce and physical stores clients get a great platform for same day delivery.

medicine delivery service


Be it your physical drug store or Online Pharma platforms, DART will manage your intra-city deliveries to scheduled wholesale deliveries.

urgent delivery service


Delivering your valuable documents just in time, DART’s secure framework upheld by technology offers unprecedented execution.

courier delivery


DART also offers customised delivery solutions above industry standards to clients with unique requirements.



Vrooom it up with us! Drive Through our highway to serve the hunger.

Make good money while enjoying your ride. If you are looking for a job where you can get paid

by working on your own wish.. This is it.!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DART?
DART (Drivers And Riders Transport Services): It's a facility which i-Pay provides within the app and it is built to help hospitality & other businesses to make delivery of orders from different platforms as well as other basic essential items (documents/lunchbox/gifts etc.).
How can I book a delivery?
Using the i-Pay app from phone or API.
How early should I book a courier?
You only need to book 30 minutes in advance if the first delivery is within 5km, one hour in advance if it is 15km and 1.5–2 hours if further out of.
How would I identify if the delivery executive is from i-Pay?
Our delivery executive will ask you to sign in on the app on their smartphone. Also, the executive will contact you before reaching your address.
Will DART do my packaging too?
No, DART is a delivery service so we will deliver your item just the way it was received to us.
Can I cancel my delivery?
In case you need to cancel your delivery after our executive is set-off, you will be charged an additional $8.
Does DART assure that they will find an executive to deliver my package?
Once you schedule your delivery, our team gets to action and finds the most nearby executive. Also, a piece of advice to our customers that it can take up to an hour to find an executive if you book delivery on Friday as it is the busiest day of the week.
Why isn’t my parcel been assigned yet?
Our system works based on responses. Depending on the day on the route, it can take a minimum of a minute to an hour to get the best delivery executive for your package.
How would I know that my package is been delivered?
You will receive a text message or an email on your phone which was used during placing an order. The recipient will also get a notification on their phone that their item is on the way! (unless it’s a surprise).